Lammas Altar

Love this! I need to incorporate some flowers!



Moody Moons

This year, I’m taking my early harvest festival altars downstairs closer to the kitchen, where so much of the Lammas and Mabon festivities center.

So instead of my usual altar space, I have commandeered the coffee table.


You may have noticed I take a minimalist approach to my altars. 

But there are a few things that I must have on the Lammas altar for it to feel like Lammas.  🙂

The first is sunflowers, which are in season in abundance in this part of the country during the Lammas season.

Last year, I went with some friends to pick our own, but we’re going for raspberries this year, so I picked up this gorgeous bouquet at the farmer’s market.  It brightens up the whole house and they stay fresh for at least a couple of weeks.

If you’re looking for a simple, daily way to connect to your altar, consider…

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