Costumes :D

So yea… even tho AWA is a couple months away… I’m working in most of my spare time on my costumes so hopefully I can have them totally done and not be up til 5am working on them. xD And yea thats happened to me with the last 2 cons I went too. lol. so yea…. that’s really all i had to say and unfortunately I don’t have any WIP pictures…. so have a Flambo instead. 🙂

Flambo... the fire kitty. :) He's fat and over stuffed.

Flambo… the fire kitty. 🙂 He’s fat and over stuffed.


No one reads this anymore it seems…

I know I’m a lot more sporadic about my posts, but that’s just because I have other stuff that occupies my time…

I don’t know what brought me here tonight at 3:40am, in my housecoat with my dog laying across my feet… I guess since I don’t have anyone to turn to this late… I just wanted to tell someone… and I guess I turned to the internet… I know you guys are like “Fyre shut up… no one cares.” And if you aren’t like that then I’m sorry. But if you are like that, then I’m sorry about this post…

I just… I don’t know what to do… I feel so unhappy… I mean I love my life. I’ve got great friends, my boyfriend is wonderful and I’m truly happy… but part of me is just… I don’t know… I just feel like crying and I don’t know why. This wreck has really messed with me, and I know I care way too much about an inanimate object but hearing that my car was going to be totaled… it killed me… like I started crying at work when my grandmother told me. I mean it was my first car. Nothing fancy… but still my first car.

I’ve also been thinking about my dad a lot lately…I don’t know why but everything seems to turn my mind back to him and I wonder if I’m making the right choices… I wonder if he’d be proud of me…

well thats enough of this rant for tonight… I’m gonna try to get some sleep.

Blesses Be