What A Day

Yesterday I was in a car wreck, no one was injured (I was the only one involved) but I did get a little scraped up. The sun was in my face and I couldn’t see, I ended up swerving to avoid hitting an oncoming car. I over swerved and ran off the road hitting a ditch, running over some rocks (like huge piles built up to help with rain water). I deployed both airbags and i was leaking oil really badly…. I don’t know about the damage to the undercarriage but the windshield is shattered.

I look like I was punched in the face… the airbag did a number on me but didn’t break my glasses ( YAY ) and my face is sore as hell… but yea…

I’m not writing this post for sympathy, I’m writing this because I keep reliving the accident, I keep hearing and seeing and smelling it like it’s happening all over again… and its driving me crazy….