Dungeons and Dragons :)

I play D&D, and I love it!! Its so much fun.

In the campaign for this year, I play a changeling swordmage, who doesn’t remember her family. And in the campaign for next year, I will play an Eladrin with a Napoleon Complex. 🙂 Its a lot of fun. My friends and I also play Gamma World (one shot D&D on crack) to get one of my other friends used to DM-ing us, and in Gamma world I’m a Doppelganger Speedster. And Its AWESOME!!

Now on to something a tad more serious… I’m DM-ing campaign this summer for my little brother and a few of his friends. For those of you who don’t know, a DM is a Dungeon Master. AKA God. (no offense meant) But the DM controls the campaign, and all the NPCs. And I need help thinking of a setting and the game play basically. Because my little brother reads my blog, if you have any ideas please feel free to email me ( fyrependragon@yahoo.com ). 🙂

Thanks guys!

Blessed Be.

Fyre Pendragon


Karate lesson # 1

I had my first lesson with Kuma today. It was really fun and went by OMGSUPERFAST!


I just learned a lot of the basics (HORSE STANCE AH!), blocks, and a kata (Kuma don’t kill me if i spelled that wrong!!).


Anyway, I have a paper to write, so night everyone.


OH! Boyfriend got me the cutest anniversary present! (it was a late 6 month present) custom dog tags that say “my airman and my best friend” and other really adorable things like that I’ve told him he is. ❤


Blessed Be

)O( Fyre

Long time no type

Wow I just realized I haven’t been on here in forever… I’m sorry!


Life update:

Doing better with the passing of daddy.
Had to drop a math class that was killing me.
Went to Momocon recently, had a blast! Cosplayed:

  •       Princess Celestia (MLP:FiM) on Friday (with Kira being Princess Luna)
  •       Stan Marsh (South Park) on Saturday (with a huge group from South Park and we were the only SP group there)
  •       I was supposed to be Kyoko (Puella Magi Modoka Magica) on Sunday, but due to a costume issue I was just me, and in pictures I  trolled with a little stuffed Kyubeey. 🙂

Boyfriend works third shift now, he likes it better but he’s more prone to call me when he wakes up… aka when I’m in class. xD

Kuma hasn’t finished my tattoo yet but will be teaching me karate. 🙂


Thats about it I guess…


Night and Blessed Be

)O( Fyre