The Witch’s Desk: Snobbery Within the Pagan Community

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Magickal Connections


We think that the Pagan, all hippie love-child neo-nature spiritualist, are above the snobbery of the mundane middle-of-the-road Christian mainstream society.  Well, we’re not.  Pagans are just as human as the rest of the population, and we fall into all the same societal traps, we just don’t like to admit it, and we tend to fall back on the peace, love, nature theme to justify ourselves (look at how spiritual I am, look at how in-tune with nature I am, look at how white is my magick, how pure my intentions, how saintly I am).

This is how it really is:  Just because we practice witchcraft, just because we believe in magick, just because we worship the Goddess, does not mean we are perfect by any means, nor does it imply that we are necessarily even nice– some of us aren’t.  Sorry, but this is reality.  Pagans can be snobbish, elitist…

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Organize it time!!

Okay… so I’ve had a few days off this week and I keep organizing different things. Harluin and I recently rented a little apartment together and it’s kinda small. But I’m trying to make it feel like home and trying to cut down on a lot of the clutter…

BUT OMG WE (more like i) HAVE SO MUCH STUFF!!!


*dies under mountain of unmatched socks*

Okay, I’m alive again.  Being a dungeon master has its perks. 😀

But yea… I need tips on organization… like important papers (We have a filing cabinet i bought from a store closing sale, but i still need to go through it), recipes, the unmatched socks, budgets…

basically anything you guys can help me with would be lovely.

I’m also totally open to DIY ideas so I don’t have to spend a lot of money…

-puppy dog eyes-