What Is Wicca?

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Ain’t that the truth. I get this question a lot. whenever someone finds out that I’m not Christian.




A dream is a wish…

The Wish Tarot Spread

Tarot Spreads – The Wish Tarot Card Spread

If you’re a fan of the law of attraction, then you will love the Wish Spread. This tarot spread is all about your intentions and emphasizes the best approach to obtaining your goals. This spread is particularly useful in determining the influences that are affecting your aspirations.
Often, our own negative belief systems are our own worst enemy. The Wish Spread can reveal where our own limited thinking is blocking our progression and suggest paths to be taken to overcome these obstacles.
When you attempt this spread, it’s really important that you have an open mind.  Try not to pass too much judgment and trust the tarot’s unique ability to shed light on the areas that need clarification and guidance.

First Card – This card represents your wish and desired outcome.
Second Card – This card represents how the past is influencing your desired outcome.
Third Card – This card represents what you can expect in the immediate future.
Fourth Card – This card represents what the immediate future influences will be and how they might affect your wish or desired outcome.
Fifth Card – This card represents the help or aid you may receive from others.
Sixth Card – This card represents the possible opposition or opposing forces that you need to be aware of.
Seventh Card – This card represents the best course of action you should take to obtain your wish or desired outcome.
Eighth Card – This card reveals guidance as to how you might achieve your wish or desired outcome.
Ninth Card – This card represents the expected results if you implement the guidance you receive.

and a bigger picture incase you’re like me and half blind. 🙂



Anti Anxiety Spell

Vanilla anti-anxiety spell

This spell is to help you to stop feeling anxious, fearful or worried. Clearly, it is important that you address any issues or people in your life that are causing these feelings in addition to casting this spell. Casting this spell will help you to feel calm and to be better able to deal with whatever the problems are, and if they are things over which you have little control this spell is ideal. You will need: a white candle, vanilla extract or oil, lavender oil, sprigs of lavender. Sprinkle some vanilla and lavender oil over the white candle. As with all spells, make sure that you are grounded. Then sit down and cradle the unlit candle in your hands until it becomes warm to the touch. While you are doing this be aware of your breathing, and keep it slow and deep. The vanilla and lavender scents will begin to fill you with feelings of peace and calm. When the candle is warm in your hands light it and chant three times:

“Anxiety and fear go away. To quiet and calm they will give way. I am calm, I am serene. Tranquility I do glean. This is my will, so shall it be. Harm to none nor return on me.” Let the candle burn until your feelings of anxiety have left you.

I wonder if this works…



Fun Yearly Dates

1.  January 2015

2.  February 2015

3.  March 2015

4.  April 2015

5.  May 2015

6.  June 2015

7.  July 2015

8.  August 2015

9.  September 2015

10.  October 2015

11.  November 2015

12.  December 2015

Blessed Be and happy holidays!