A memorial tattoo

The tattoo I’ve planned for my father is probably going to be one of the most special tattoos I get. If not the most. It’s also gonna have the most meaning behind it.This is the ribbon I wantA lot of people have asked me why get the ribbon? There are so many other things that symbolize him! I know that. The cancer did not limit or define him. But it was a part of him. He was stronger because of it. And he smiled in the face of what was to come. He taught me to be strong, no matter what you face. And that is why I want the ribbon.

Above and below I want the last words he said to me “keep loving, keep laughing” This man never met a stranger. He could cheer anyone up. And it’s because of that, that I miss him. So even when I have trouble laughing or loving, I want to see this ribbon and those words, and know that I am who I am in part because of them. Because of Him.



Long time no type

Wow I just realized I haven’t been on here in forever… I’m sorry!


Life update:

Doing better with the passing of daddy.
Had to drop a math class that was killing me.
Went to Momocon recently, had a blast! Cosplayed:

  •       Princess Celestia (MLP:FiM) on Friday (with Kira being Princess Luna)
  •       Stan Marsh (South Park) on Saturday (with a huge group from South Park and we were the only SP group there)
  •       I was supposed to be Kyoko (Puella Magi Modoka Magica) on Sunday, but due to a costume issue I was just me, and in pictures I  trolled with a little stuffed Kyubeey. 🙂

Boyfriend works third shift now, he likes it better but he’s more prone to call me when he wakes up… aka when I’m in class. xD

Kuma hasn’t finished my tattoo yet but will be teaching me karate. 🙂


Thats about it I guess…


Night and Blessed Be

)O( Fyre



Tattoo Ideas

As my first tattoo I want to get something with the words “Keep loving, Keep laughing”. I have a friend drawing me a design for it. I want to try to incorporate a sun and moon together (like below only without the faces)

And with those famous words above it and with his name below it.  I want the Japanese kanji for father inside the sun, and the kanji for daughter in the moon.

The friend I have drawing it wanted to include that he will draw up custom designs for a small fee. I love his work and I will post pictures when he gets it drawn, as well as when I get it tattooed finally. If you want a design drawn up by an amazing artist let me know and I’ll tell Kuma. Again for both mine and his privacy, he asked that I use a pen name for him as well. There are several other tattoo designs I want… one being a dragon, a set of drama masks, a wolf, a celtic knot, a music note, and a memorial yellow rose for my aunt.

The dragon is because my spirit animal is a dragon, the set of drama masks because the theatre changed my life, a wolf because a few of my closet friends loved wolves, a celtic knot as a couples tattoo after I get married, a music note because I love music and my boyfriend is a musician, and the memorial yellow rose for an aunt who I was really close to.