Circle Casting



azuran wicca

The magick circle is a crucial element of the Wiccan ritual.  It serves three main purposes:

  • Creation of Sacred Space
  • Protection
  • Generation and Containment of Magick

There are numerous ways to cast the circle, none of which are superior or inferior to any other.  I have never seen two Wiccans cast a circle in the exact same way.  The most important thing when casting a circle is intent.  You are not simply reciting words or going through motions, you must truly feel the energy of the circle you are casting.

In accordance with the Wiccan Rede, the circle is often cast three times about.  To me, this represents the three functions that the magick circle serves, the first of which is the creation of sacred space.  This creates space that facilitates work, communication, and connection with deity, spirit guides, elements, and other various energies.  The second is protection. This is to keep any unwanted energies or negative entities…

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