Advice on Your Book of Shadows (BoS)

OMG YES! Somene said it! I adore this blog by the way!




So, I have been sorting through all of my Pagan files on my computer (I have way too many), and I came across a nice piece about what to put in your Book of Shadows.  Now, It’s a great piece, don’t misunderstand me as you read my entry, BUT either it’s a LOT or I have been doing this whole thing wrong For a very long time!

I am not tearing down this person’s work, only explaining why I am making my above statement and defining why I think some people need to read Pagan related material with a critical eye, not everything is set in stone!

The list is in bold, my commentary is next to it.

Things to include in your BOS are listed below

A dedicationOkay.
A protection spell for the book-okay.
A blessing-okay.
Table of Contents– why? If you use dividers…

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