Anti Anxiety Spell

Vanilla anti-anxiety spell

This spell is to help you to stop feeling anxious, fearful or worried. Clearly, it is important that you address any issues or people in your life that are causing these feelings in addition to casting this spell. Casting this spell will help you to feel calm and to be better able to deal with whatever the problems are, and if they are things over which you have little control this spell is ideal. You will need: a white candle, vanilla extract or oil, lavender oil, sprigs of lavender. Sprinkle some vanilla and lavender oil over the white candle. As with all spells, make sure that you are grounded. Then sit down and cradle the unlit candle in your hands until it becomes warm to the touch. While you are doing this be aware of your breathing, and keep it slow and deep. The vanilla and lavender scents will begin to fill you with feelings of peace and calm. When the candle is warm in your hands light it and chant three times:

“Anxiety and fear go away. To quiet and calm they will give way. I am calm, I am serene. Tranquility I do glean. This is my will, so shall it be. Harm to none nor return on me.” Let the candle burn until your feelings of anxiety have left you.

I wonder if this works…




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