Just a little story

“I will make trophies of their spines.” He growled from his throne. “But sire…” “NO BUTTS!” The walls shook as the large man roared. The frail wizard coward in the presence of the giant. “Yes Sire.” She bowed and turned back to the table, “So a full scale attack will take a fortnight to prepare. We need to send word to the shamans, the berserkers, the knights, and the riders. I still say a smaller covert mission would have a lower causality…” The giant leapt to his feet and roared again “NO SPIES! WE ATTACK LIKE MEN! I HONORED YOUR FATHER’S DYING WISH BY MAKING YOU MY ADVISOR AND YOU’VE DONE NOTHING BUT SPOUT ABOUT COVERT THIS AND SNEAK THIS. As my advisor, you are supposed to give me ideas that I can steal and call my own. Not this pansy sissy shit.” She sighed and with a deep breath controlled the sparks flickering around her hand. “Yes… Sire.” She hated working for this oaf. He was loud, he was obnoxious, he smelled like manure and blood. Yet she was sold into his “service” by her dying father. The kings previous advisor and an amazing battle strategist. It was because of him, that the king was fabled immortal.

She brushed away the loose strand of her fire red hair that had slipped into her face and stared at the map. The enemies forces were closing in. They had a dark force at their command. She tapped the map over the castle. “Sire, we need to summon the forces. We’ll need all the back up we can get for when they arrive.” He sat on his throne admiring himself in her scrying mirror. “Yes yes… well hello handsome.” She sighed and waved her hand, catching the mirror with ease as it flew to her hand. She waved her hand over the mirror and smiled as it went from black to clear. As it revealed the landscape on the other side she almost felt the wind on her face as it blew through the swamp. “Ah Good Day Milady! To what do I owe this pleasure?” She grinned as the shaman leader peered through the sacred mirror at her. “Alfred! It’s great to see you. But I bear grim news. Our adversaries are fast approaching, I need to call on our treaty. We need your help.” His smile turned grim, “The treaty of a thousand years peace. I understand. We will be at your castle at dawn.” She nodded. “Thank you. Please. Alert the other factions as well. I can only contact you with ease.” “Of course Milady. I will see you soon.” And with that the mirror went black.

Well? I know it needs work, but it was just an idea I had. Should I expand it? Or just leave it like this?





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