Candle Color Correspondences

I saw this today and found it interesting, so have some colors lovelies!

Choose a candle color to match your magickal intent. Also listed are correspondences for the zodiac and days of the week.

White — spirituality, purity, truth, protection, and peace (Aries) MONDAY
Red — health, energy, strength, courage, sexual potency (Taurus) TUESDAY
Pink — love, affection, and romance
Orange — creativity, attraction, ambition, career matters, and the law (Leo)
Yellow — intellectualism, imagination, memory, and confidence (Gemini) SUNDAY
Green — fertility, abundance, good luck, healing and harmony (Cancer) FRIDAY
Blue — inspiration, protection, peace, and devotion (Pisces, Libra) THURSDAY
Purple — psychism, spirituality, wisdom, enchantment (Aquarius) WEDNESDAY
Brown — Animal magick, earth awareness (Capricorn)
Black — banishing, Crone magick, mourning, loss (Scorpio) SATURDAY
Silver — clairvoyance, , astral energy, and intuition, the Moon, Goddess (Sagittarius)
Gold — wealth, prosperity, enthusiasm, the Sun, God (Virgo)

Blessed Be