A game not forgotten

Happy Sunday lovelies!

Are we all dreading Monday?

Anyways, I recently went though my collection and realized that somewhere between my current residence and my past residence… a bunch of my games have gone missing.

Now I’m not talking about board games (I still have all of those, Pokemon Monopoly anyone??) I mean some of my old games for the Nintendo Gamecube. One of the games that I know for a fact is unaccounted for is my Fire Emblem game.

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. Had this game years ago and then my brother sold this. So upset!

I was so sad when I realized this game was missing. It’s sooooooooooo expensive online and no stores around me sell gamecube games anymore. Those who do sell GC games are out of stock of this game.

I want so badly to find a copy. This was my favorite game growing up (I say growing up like I’m old. Game was released in 2005) I mean dang it. Why this one? Meh

Anyone have one they wanna sell or give me?? 😀

Much love and blessed be



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