Happy New Year to all!!

I hope everyone had an awesome winter solstice holiday of choice. I know I did.

So I know I tend to jump on the new years resolution bandwagon, so this year, I’m gonna mix it up a little. My goals for this year aren’t going to be lose weight, be nice or anything like that. My goals have to deal with accepting myself despite the fact that I have more than I few rolls.

1. Learn to unapologetically say no.
2. Stop beating myself up, I am a bombshell.
4. Gratitude Journal. Everyday. Write three things at least.
5. Learn Spanish. Do Duolingo everyday.
6. Write something to you lovelies everyday.

I know these sound silly to some. But they mean a lot to me. Now that they’re out I can be held accountable.

Blessed be to all. And everyone be safe.