Tarot Journalist

Hello lovelies,

Happy Tuesday!

I was looking up some tarot spreads last night and something caught my attention. I realized that for the last few years, I’ve been using a tarot journal.
What is a tarot journal you may ask?

A Tarot Journal is a place where you can record your personal thoughts, insights, observations and notes about each of the Tarot cards to help expand your Tarot knowledge and skills. Your Tarot Journal may also include Tarot readings that you have done and Tarot spreads you have used or created contains your own notes about each Tarot card, readings you may have done, and spreads you have used or created yourself.

I like to look up different spread, and when I see one that catches my attention, I write it down and make notes of why it caught my attention. The benefits of keeping a Tarot Journal are enormous. Not only are you learning from texts and other standard resources throughout the course of your Tarot study and journal writing, but you are also applying your own personal experience to your learning journey. Relating your own experience to the Tarot increases your ability to develop the breadth and depth of understanding the Tarot. A true understanding of the Tarot cards will not stem from simply reading numerous texts, rather it will stem from gut instincts and personal intuition.

Not only will a Tarot Journal help your ability to read the Tarot, but it will also aid in your spiritual development. Each card holds a personal message that can be used for daily meditation. Each card can be seen as vital on any given day and can truly help you in finding out who you are and what your purpose is. Understanding the Tarot in this way can inspire you and take you to new levels if you allow it.

Since I began keeping my  journal, I feel my readings have been stronger and I have been able to look back sometimes see the growth I have made.

Now I know you may be thinking what does it have to be? Does it have to be some secret leather bound tome, that screams eeriespookiness? Or can it be that purple flower journal I’ve had for years that I got as a Christmas present from that one aunt? It can be either. You can even keep it electronically if you’d like.  I prefer to hand write any of my stuff. Call me old fashioned if you must.

Now you’re gonna ask me, what do I write in it? Can I write what I think of a card? Can I write readings down? Can I make up my own spreads and write them down for tweaking? Can I write my gut feelings after a reading?  What if the card reminds me of someone, can I write that down?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. And yes. You can write whatever you want in your journal. It is yours after all. No one can tell you what goes in your journal.

And with that being said, go journal away lovelies!

Blessed be




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