What about the K??

So I was having a discussion with another pagan friend and the topic of magick came up. Do you “K” your magick? She doesn’t. I do. She told me that the “K” looked ridiculous at the end of it. And I remarked that without the “K” I think of street magic, illusions and stage magicians. 

magic spells or magick spells

I got to thinking is there really any difference?? Well to start off, its not a set in stone rule either way. I have several books that use a “K”, and several that don’t. 

The spelling (with a “K”) apparently came from Aleister Crowley, a well-known witch and occult magician from way back. He started using the term for these reasons, within the Thelemic religion and magickal practice that he founded. But it wasn’t just to make a difference between real occult magick and stage magic. 

The letter “k” is the 11th number in the alphabet, and Crowley was a big believer in the power of numerology. The additional letter not only creates a visually distinct word, but the “K” brings a great deal of extra power to the word through it’s association with 11 (a Master number).

So when you’re talking about spells, don’t be surprised or confused when sometimes they are magic spells and other times they are magick spells. If you can’t seem to remember the “K” in your own writing, don’t worry about it. Your spells will still work.

So riddle me this… do you use a “K”?? Why or why not?

Blessed Be and have a wonderful Thursday