Organize it time!!

Okay… so I’ve had a few days off this week and I keep organizing different things. Harluin and I recently rented a little apartment together and it’s kinda small. But I’m trying to make it feel like home and trying to cut down on a lot of the clutter…

BUT OMG WE (more like i) HAVE SO MUCH STUFF!!!


*dies under mountain of unmatched socks*

Okay, I’m alive again.  Being a dungeon master has its perks. 😀

But yea… I need tips on organization… like important papers (We have a filing cabinet i bought from a store closing sale, but i still need to go through it), recipes, the unmatched socks, budgets…

basically anything you guys can help me with would be lovely.

I’m also totally open to DIY ideas so I don’t have to spend a lot of money…

-puppy dog eyes-




Speak your mind.

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