A memorial tattoo

The tattoo I’ve planned for my father is probably going to be one of the most special tattoos I get. If not the most. It’s also gonna have the most meaning behind it.This is the ribbon I wantA lot of people have asked me why get the ribbon? There are so many other things that symbolize him! I know that. The cancer did not limit or define him. But it was a part of him. He was stronger because of it. And he smiled in the face of what was to come. He taught me to be strong, no matter what you face. And that is why I want the ribbon.

Above and below I want the last words he said to me “keep loving, keep laughing” This man never met a stranger. He could cheer anyone up. And it’s because of that, that I miss him. So even when I have trouble laughing or loving, I want to see this ribbon and those words, and know that I am who I am in part because of them. Because of Him.




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