This is the best thing I’ve ever seen. Cosplay =/= consent! Just because women choose to dress in more revealing or sexy costumes does not mean we want to be groped or stalked or molested. 9 times out of 10 if you ask a cosplayer for a photo they’ll say yes. If you ask for a hug (in a non stalker way, i.e “OMG I love your costume, can I have a hug!”) Most will say yes. If you happen to be dressed as the other part of the most popular fandom pairing ever, and you two get bombarded for shipping pictures, if you both agree and keep it to a comfortable pose (I.e a hug or a character appropriate pose) All is well.

A few cons ago I was involved in a South Park cosplay. My Kenny and I were involved in a yaoi-esque shoot (meaning me dipping her and being very close to her looking like we’re about to kiss, and me grabbing her butt and other things.) These were only acceptable because of:

A) How close we of friends we are
B) We agreed before hand if this situation arose, we would be okay doing these poses
C) We liked the pairing ourselves and thought it would be fun

If it had been a stranger, and we both agreed to it, a quick discussion about boundaries would have taken place.

Also if you take a picture with a cosplayer who has say a bare mid-riff showing, ask them (girls especially) if its okay if you put your hand on their waist.

This applies to men too. I have been at cons with several male friends who have been groped inappropriately (either in costume or not). ITS NOT OKAY TO TOUCH OTHER PEOPLE WITHOUT PERMISSION!

Yes, I have fangirled over characters before. One in particular involved a lengthy discussion with a Van Helsing who upon him having to leave, he bowed to me, kissed my hand told me it was a pleasure talking to me and we exchanged facebook information. This guy was awesome and loved that I fangirled over him in a non creepy way. (I approached him, complimenting his costume and asking for a picture, he agreed and we started talking. This also resulted in another picture of him rubbing a poster of himself. (yes insert adult joke here about touching yourself).

So yea… rant over. Read that blog. She’s awesome.


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