Okay so now that my con hysteria has died down and I’m not sewing anymore (yet), I can get back to my life (whats that??). Anyways, for Momocon 2013, I was Vanellope Von Schweetz for Friday (with my beloved boyfriend being Stinkbrain… I mean Ralph.) And Saturday my boyfriend and I were gypsies, and Sunday, he was himself and I was a Pokemon trainer… (meaning after like 15 mins I threw my pokedex and pokeball in my purse along with my stuffed Plusle and walked around in my pikachu tank top). I had so much fun but I’m still really tired. Sorry I didn’t post a picture lineup, I didn’t really take pictures myself, everyone else took pictures of me. But yea, now I’m working on my line up for AWA. 🙂 I plan on:


😀 Those outfits are gonna be a bitch….. >.< But thats why my brother that loves me greatly is gonna buy me a sewing machine. 😀

Blessed be all



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