I’ve heard that…..

I've heard that.....

Okay… This isn’t gonna be picture spam don’t worry. But I let it slip that I was Wiccan at work and while no one treated me any differently, i was asked why? Why I choose to worship The Dark Lord.

Now my first thought was Volde- He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. But then I realized they were talking about Satan. So then began my rant about how Witches don’t even believe in Satan, he’s a Christian creation and he can keep them.

On another non-rant-y note,

My little brother was sick a few weeks ago… and he got me sick. now because of my immune system, I not only got the cough… I got the OMGI’MGOINGTODIEFROMTHISOMGEVERYTHINGHURTSANDMYLUNGSAREONFIRE version. AKA, a cold turned into Bronchitis (wow I spelled that right). Lucky me… so imma go do the errands I have to do, then come back and sleep more. With a disney movie marathon tomorrow (and maybe Sunday).

Oh and today as I lay bed-ridden (by choice) expect picture spam. 🙂

BLessed Be




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