Newest Sewing Adventure

I love love loveeeee the 50’s style.

And since I have a dress like this:
Image (forgive my whiteness)

I figured why not make a purse that fits the style?

So I got bored and  drew a pattern…
Image (forgive bad drawing)

But that didn’t work because I didn’t have markers to color in the colors that I wanted… so I went to paint!
and found some inspiration! 🙂

Then I found the perfect fabrics in my bag of scraps.

and i kidnapped a white zipper from the huge box of zippers in the theatre department at school
(had to shorten it a bit)

Got all the detail pieces cut out and sewed onImage
(sorry the back ground is my boyfriends futon.)

and using this adorable polka dot fabric as the lining

Made a handle out of some awesome black denim fabric.

I haven’t finished it yet… gotta see if I can talk boyfriend into sewing it for me with the sewing machine… Machines don’t like me…. I’m excited to see the finished project. And I’lll be sure to post pictures.

Blessed Be




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