Tattoo Ideas

As my first tattoo I want to get something with the words “Keep loving, Keep laughing”. I have a friend drawing me a design for it. I want to try to incorporate a sun and moon together (like below only without the faces)

And with those famous words above it and with his name below it.  I want the Japanese kanji for father inside the sun, and the kanji for daughter in the moon.

The friend I have drawing it wanted to include that he will draw up custom designs for a small fee. I love his work and I will post pictures when he gets it drawn, as well as when I get it tattooed finally. If you want a design drawn up by an amazing artist let me know and I’ll tell Kuma. Again for both mine and his privacy, he asked that I use a pen name for him as well. There are several other tattoo designs I want… one being a dragon, a set of drama masks, a wolf, a celtic knot, a music note, and a memorial yellow rose for my aunt.

The dragon is because my spirit animal is a dragon, the set of drama masks because the theatre changed my life, a wolf because a few of my closet friends loved wolves, a celtic knot as a couples tattoo after I get married, a music note because I love music and my boyfriend is a musician, and the memorial yellow rose for an aunt who I was really close to.


Speak your mind.

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