Daddy I miss you.

At 12:56 am on January 5th 2012 I lost my hero… the man who means the most to me, the greatest man I’ve ever known. He’s in the arms of God now. We didn’t get back to the hospital in time to hold is hand as he passed, but since we had already said our goodbyes earlier when he was still sound of mind… but it still hurt to walk into the room and see him laying there… his eyes still open a little bit, a half-smile on his face… we had just left the hospital earlier if we had known he would go so fast, we never would’ve left… he had been having heart problems and trouble breathing but he had finally gotten to where he was comfortable and not hurting… we went home had been home for a few hours then got a call from the hospital saying that his heart rate was dropping fast. We left as soon as we could… but still didn’t make it. My sister and I were first in the room, me ahead of her by a few steps. I saw him and I thought he was sleeping, so I called out thinking that he was awake “Hey Daddy…” He didn’t move… didn’t respond… I knew then that we were too late. I know he’s in a better place but it still hurts so much to know really gone. He was still warm when I kissed his forehead, like I’d done so many times before, when I buried my head in his shoulder to cry, like I had so many times before. He told my sister and me to keep laughing, keep loving. And we both decided that we want those words to be our first tattoos.

Daddy I miss you…. And I love you so much. Hug Kat-Kat for me… and I’ll see you one day… ❤

Rest In Peace J.R.L
Sept 1955 – Jan 2012
Keep loving, Keep laughing



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