This boy….


I love him. ❤

He’s my airman and my world. He means so much to me it’s crazy. Sure we have out disagreements, and our different views, but none of that matters because it only brings us closer. He hols my hand in public, and he isn’t afraid to kiss me in front of his friends.

He hugs me from behind, unexpectedly. He gives me his hoodie when I’m cold. He holds me and keeps me warm. He cuddles with me and watches movies. He kisses me in the rain. He holds my hands and plays with my fingers. He plays with my hair. He takes amazing photos with me. He came to my house and met my family. He lies in my bed with me and just holds me. He let me dress him up and make him look silly. He tells his friends everyday how much he loves me. He writes me songs and poems. He watches the sunrise with me. He gives me piggy back rides daily. He kisses my nose. He wipes my tears away. He swims in the ocean with me. He tell me you miss me. He’ll drop everything and hug me tight if I need him too. He takes pictures of us. He’ll take me on a picnic if I wanted to go. He snuggle with me in the movie theaters. He squeezes me as hard as he can when he hugs me. He smiles every single time he sees me. He doesn’t know how much I love him. He doesn’t know that I just, want him.

He’s my world, I’d do anything for this boy.

I admire him so much, he’s one of my heroes. I admire him serving his country to protect me and this nation. I admire him working even though he’s been sick, so he can make enough money to start a life. He’s my hero, my best friend and my love, he saves me from the terrors in my life and makes me know I’m safe in his arms.

This boy…. is my world.

Blessed be




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